‘Fabula Urbanus’?

Fabula Urbanus is a bastardized Latin form of ‘urban fantasy.’ Given that my two primary story settings are modern urban fantasy and a paranormal version of ancient Rome, the title seemed to suit me.

What’s with the weird thing about dreams on the front page?

I like dreams! Don’t you like dreams?

In all honestly, ‘Lost Dreams’ is a story I wrote years ago, in a fifteen-minute burst of creativity at 2am. I still love the imagery, but the story’s a bit of an odd beast and has never been able to find a home. I decided I should take pity and give it finally, here on the website. I may think better of that eventually and move the story somewhere else.

Okay, who are you?

I’m Alex Piper, and I’ve been writing for longer than I can remember. Literally. My first story was “Gallop Gallop Gallop Go the Three Little Horses,” written at age four. It was not, alas, a masterpiece of plot or character, but did feature truth in advertising since the story was about three ponies. I like to think my writing skills have advanced some since then.

Aside from writing I love horses -- I ride dressage -- as well as photography, and caffeine. (What can I say, I live in Seattle.)

Why isn’t there anything here?

Uhm, because I’ve been spending more time writing than actually generating content for my website. Sorry! Also, I’m not very good at the whole website thing. But I’ll eventually put more up here, I promise!