Dream Wardens

“The city never sleeps.” It’s a catchy phrase, and completely untrue. Every city sleeps now and then, even if only for an instant. And like people, sleeping cities dream.

The dreams of a city are the dreams of its people, smashed together into a surreal collective unconscious, and they live in the Dreamside variant of their city. Dreamside is a fluid realm; as people’s hopes and dreams change, so does the Dreamside city, and those who inhabit it. When a city sleeps, the boundaries between the Wakingside and Dreamside thin, and some things can pass through. The ones that do are rarely the nice ones, and it’s up to the city’s Dream Wardens to put a stop to them. A combination police force and sleep-deprived Border Patrol, the Wardens have to work in secret to keep the world from knowing the existence of Dreamside; to know that your worst nightmares have true form, with only a thin veil between you and them, would only increase the nightmares.

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Ex Sanguinis

The known world has been ruled by Augustus, Caesar Aeterna, for nearly two centuries. The empire is ruled by the nocturnal and immortal Citizens, who live off of mortal blood, while the short-lived mortal scions strive to earn citizenship in the brief time they’re granted. The greatest scholars and engineers of their time have been granted an eternity to work their art, and the Empire seems destined to rule the world for all eternity.

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